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Not Entirely New, but what we've been

receiving raves about:


100% Natural Deodorant Powder


We've worked years to come up with the perfect alternative to deodorants produced with potentially harmful and irritating ingredients. It was right under our nose it was so simple!

Enter our Natural Deodorant Powder.

Its attributes are allowing sweat glands to work as our creator intended, removing toxins from our bodies, while neutralizing bacteria causing odor. Additionally, should there be an odor break-through, a quick swipe of Deodorant Powder will immediately neutralize the odor, and continue to protect.


For those times when powder is not acceptable, (sleeveless garments or that favorite little black dress) we then went on to develop our Natural Deodorant Spray. For extra protection, use the two products together! Spray then dust with the Deodorant Powder.


We've included an applicator with the powder, however, we really like our little homemade puffs; they fit perfectly in the places we need the powder to go! (Note: The spray is currently not in stock; we've got some technical problems to work out!)


Powder ~ $3.25

Spray ~ $3.49


Organic Bubbles

With vitamins and amino acids for optimal 'skin  food'!


Truly a Head to Toe cleanser without the use of petros, sulfates, parabens, formaldehyde donors, ethoxylates, artificial color, artificial fragrance, or silicones! Highly concentrated, you only need a very small amount of Organic Bubbles to get the job done!


We love this formula as a shampoo for its gentle cleansing, while also protecting the scalp's pH mantle and natural oils. The first thing we noticed during our testing trials was that our scalp no longer itched! Our trial was the end of February through the first few days of March, so winter had taken its toll....


Vegetable derived surfactants, enriched with Panthenol

(Pro-Vitamin B5), Vegetable Glycerin, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, and Allantoin, make this the perfect formula for those with extreme skin or scalp sensitivities. The sudsing agent is derived from corn! May also be used as a hair/body wash for young children.


4 fl. oz. ~ $3.75