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Boo Boo Goo!

Olive Oil, Emu or Ostrich Oil, Natural Vitamin E, and a little local beeswax make one of the best general purpose ointments that should reside in every medicine cabinet. Superficial cuts, scrapes, bruises and burns all fall within our definition of "Boo Boo"! Burns from radiation therapy are reported to respond well using this product. Reduces the appearance of scar tissue - please wait until incision/cut is healed over before massaging Boo Boo Goo into the affected area. A good solution for childhood physical and emotional trauma when knees and elbows are scraped! Also good for hot spots and other minor skin  Please do not use Boo Boo Goo to replace antibacterial Ointment when it is needed. It is always best to consult a physician first.

2 ounces ~ $6.00


Herbal Skin Balm

Herbal skin Balm is built upon the old fashioned Comfrey Salve, which was coveted by farmers for use on their own skin ailments, as well as their livestock! We've beefed our modern formula up a bit, and you may find it useful for minor skin rashes, bruises, and to promote healing of chapped skin. Not for use when openings in the skin are present.

2 ounces ~ $4.50