Jamestown SoapWorks & Boutique

               Our Soap!                

Real, honest-to-goodness SOAP! This is not your average bar of compressed detergent - ours gently cleanses, and unlike most bars purchased at the market, leaves a nourishing layer on skin. Made using old fashioned methods, and only the finest ingredients! Each round bar weighs no less than 3.5 ounces.

Unfortunately, we stock too many fragrance choices to list here! Give us a call, or send an email to discuss fragrance and type choices available. Each "bar" is $2.75.

Phone:  724-932-3679

Email:  soapworks@zoominternet.net


Soap Shapes!             

Soap Shapes range from whimsical to elegantly beautiful. Made from our Pure Glycerin Soap. Soap Shapes are as fun to give as gifts as they are to use! We stock a mold inventory of shapes to accommodate many needs, such as wedding, baby, holiday, sports, animals, nature, seashore etc. Not recommended for children under 3 years old.

Bars range in price from $2.85 - $3.50

Guest or Favor Bars range in price from $ .85 - $1.35


Our Olive Oil soap is some of the most gentle soap made! It is a perfect choice for those with sensitivities to other cleansing bars and fragrances. Many women choose this soap for facial cleansing. Put to rest the old adage our grandmothers passed on about using soap on the face! Well formulated soap is one of the most effective ways of truly removing debris from deep down in pores! Sold in our typical round bar for $3.00 each.

FYI:  1853 Soap is great for the canine 'children'! Even the Equine variety of 'kids'! Very gentle on skin and coat, while providing good cleansing. Banish the high priced pet shampoos that are full of ingredients that may potentially cause irritation and drying!


Dirty Hands

We've taken our Luxurious Bathing Soap formulary, and added a good measure of grime busting grit in the form of corn meal. Gentle, yet effective on over-worked hands as the fresh clean bayberry scent floats into the air. Each round bar weighs no less than 3.5 ounces, and is priced at $3.00.


The Soap Deck!

Our wooden Soap Deck is the perfect helper to keep your Luxurious Bathing Soaps well drained between use.

A quick soak in the dishpan, and scrub with a nail brush, keeps them looking fresh for a long time!

$2.49 ea.


Merlin & Me!  


Merlin was our beloved Collie, and our best friend. Our lives were so blessed to have been a part of his life.  Chock full of egg yolks and wheatgerm oil, this soap is great for skin and beautiful coat, regardless of breed. We've tossed in handsful of dried and ground lemongrass, patchouli, and some pennyroyal to help keep the critters from finding refuge on the dog's body. Merlin & Me is not to be overlooked for the Master's bath either! It is as kind to our skin as it is to his!

$3.00 each round bar

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