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Fragrant Myst

We do not call this product "body spray" because it is far from limited to that use! Fragrant Myst is fine for just about every place in your world that is not sensitive to fragrance. Our customers use Fragrance Myst for adding personal fragrance instead of heavy perfumes. It can safely be misted on the whole body, including hair. BUT, don't forget the clothes closets, bedding, towels, rugs, small rooms, laundry fresh out of the dryer, the car, sneakers, gym bags, and now it's your turn to get creative!

One special note about Fragrant Myst:

We do not use chemicals to emulsify this product - it most frequently is used on the body, and we don't want chemicals on skin! What that means to you, the customer, is that you must give the bottle a shake before spraying. Fragrant Myst is available in all fragrance selections currently stocked.


4 ounces ~ $5.00



Dry Oil Body Oil Myst

Our Dry Oil Myst is sprayed onto damp skin, and rubbed all around, right out of the bath or shower. Skin is left soft and lightly scented. It is called "Dry Oil" because this product is well absorbed into skin - no oily residue to get onto clothes. Unique and luxurious!

4 fl. ounces ~ $7.00


Sensual Massage Oil

A luxurious blend of the finest oils! Sensual Massage Oil is formulated to provide adequate slip during the massage session, however it is then absorbed into skin, eliminating excess oils to stain clothing. Sensual Massage Oil is also formulated to reduce staining of sheets on the massage table, and it is easily released from fabric when washed - a good thing for the massage therapist!

2 ounces ~ $3.00

Shea Glow Salt & Sugar Scrubs!

Salt and sugar Scrubs were originally referred to as Salt or Sugar “Glows”. The reason is that they very delicately slough off dead skin, making glowing healthy skin visible. They are also great for removing debris from pores. Our Scrubs are very unique in that they do not have the messy (and dangerous!) layer of oil resting atop the salt. Ours are completely emulsified with pure luxurious Shea Butter! Talk about a treat for skin! Scrubs are used after bathing; massaging them into wet skin in circular motions. The Scrubs are then gently rinsed off skin, leaving luxurious Shea Butter behind to nourish skin and lock in precious moisture. Our Scrubs would be held in envy by the most prestigious spas, and brought to you at a mere fraction of the cost most would charge! Shea Glow Scrubs may be used on the whole body, including the face.

Shea Glow Salt Scrub ~ Lavender

Shea Glow Salt Scrub ~ Fresh Cotton Blossoms

Shea Glow Salt Scrub ~ French Herb Garden

Shea Glow Salt Scrub ~ Chocolate Bliss

Shea Glow Foot & Body Salt Scrub ~ Peppermint

4 ounces ~ $6.00