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Original Microfiber Miracle Cloth

This is our must-have general purpose cloth! Used dry for polishing and dusting, or wet for just about every job for which you would use a wet rag. For every job from washing/drying the car, wiping down counters and cabinets, ceramic tile, stainless steel appliances, and we could continue here for a very long time!

$3.00 ea.

Snow Soft Face Cloth

Deep clean your skin with our Snow Soft Face Cloth .

Woven from ultra-fine microfibers, it reaches deep into pores, removing makeup and soap residue to leave skin glowing. The soft, plush fibers are more gentle on skin, and microfiber dries quickly to stay fresh between washings. Because of the “grabbing” characteristic of Microfiber, you can effectively wash your pet’s face without soap!

$2.50 ea.

Awesome Kitchen/Dish Cloth

When testing this cloth, we ended up throwing all of our other kitchen utility cloths away! The “grabbing” power of this cloth makes washing dishes a snap, as it removes dirt from all dishes much more easily than traditional cloths. The super absorbency is unsurpassed to wipe up spills. The “grabbing” power of Microfiber makes cleaning grease off stove top and counters amazing. And remember, NO STREAKING! Another point that really impressed us is how kitchen soil falls right out of the cloth when rinsing. This tells us that there is far less “stuff” sitting in the cloth to cross contaminate! Microfiber dries faster too, another bonus when trying to reduce trapping and spreading undesirables in our homes. We also like the size; easy to wring out for arthritic hands.

$2.50 ea.

Super Duster Towel

No Need For Cleaners/Polishes

No Residue Left On Your Fine Furniture!

This towel is used DRY for all of your dusting needs.

With this cloth’s electrostatic charge, watch dust jump onto the cloth! Dramatically reduces the amount of time needed for dusting chores, and more importantly, Microfiber TRAPS dust rather than sending it flying around the room. From fine furniture, to the car dashboard, we promise you will think “It’s a Miracle!” When the towel becomes loaded with dirt, wash in a dish pan or bucket of warm soapy water, rinse very well, and hang to dry.

$3.50 ea.

Microfiber Sueded Optical Cloth

Super soft Microfiber for your finest optical lenses. Recommended for cleaning optical glass in eye glasses/cameras/binoculars/telescopes, mirrors, computer screens, fine jewelry CD & DVD discs, and a host of other uses! This cloth is intended to be used dry for polishing effect. We find this cloth works great by dampening a corner to clean the glass, and then drying with a dry part of the cloth. Our eye glasses have never been so clean! We simply hold them under warm running water, and then dry with the Microfiber Sueded Optical Cloth,

$5.00 ea.

Microfiber Household Mop

STOP the wasteful disposable madness! Microfiber makes more sense for floors. Not only does it outperform disposables in its grabbing and scrubbing power, the Microfiber pad can be washed hundreds of times before needing replaced. It is so easy: wet the mop head and wring it out, toss it on the floor, and attach to the mop with simple Velcro ease. When a rinse is necessary, just repeat. Hang the mop head to dry when you are finished. Microfiber leaves a much smaller water footprint than other mops, so floors are dry in a snap! May be used with cleaning solutions if necessary-just remember to use less with Microfiber!

The blue mop pad that comes with your Microfiber Household Mop is for wet mopping-the dusting mop head is sold below.

$19.95 ea.

Microfiber Household Mop Dusting Pad

Microfiber dust pads are special electrostatic charged fibers that are designed to attract dust, dirt, pet hairs etc. Rub the dust pad on any surface (floors, carpet, etc.) for that “extra charge.” Makes quick work of removing dust from floors and ceilings. The dust pad should only be used dry; do NOT wet the dusting pad.

$7.95 ea.

We stock all of the above Microfiber products in our store. We are happy to ship these incredible cloths and household cleaning tools to your home.

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