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Our guide to choosing the correct skin moisturizers for your specific needs.

Our products are not medicinal in nature, and the information contained herein should not be construed to replace the advice of a qualified physician!
Please do not attempt to use the information in product descriptions to treat, diagnose, or prevent any disease or medical condition. Always consult your doctor if you are or may be pregnant, or are lactating or have any health conditions before using any of our personal care products. These products have not been evaluated by the  FDA.


If your problem is:


We recommend unscented products for extremely dry skin.

COCOA SOY SHEA BODY BUTTER  - 4 ounces / $4.50

Entire body, excluding face.

HAND & FOOT BUTTER - 4 ounces / $4.50

Hands, feet, legs and arms.

HAPPY FEET BUTTER - 4 ounces / $4.75

For any moisturizer to be really effective on feet that are seriously calloused, the callous must be removed. Our tip is to gently sand away the callous with fine grit sand paper on bone dry feet. Once the callous is under control, using Hand & Foot Butter will keep feet soft and subtle.


May be used whole body.

HERBAL SKIN BALM - 2 ounces / $4.50

May be used whole body.

Herbal Skin Balm is the preferred choice for hands and dry irritated patches by individuals who previously used Vaseline®. An ointment in consistency.

Since Herbal Skin Balm does not contain any water, it is imperative that it be applied to slightly damp skin.

SHEA DELIGHT SOLID LOTION BAR - 1.0 ounces / $4.49

Hands, elbows, knees, feet and fronts of legs.

Shea Delight  is a unique solid lotion bar made of luscious oils and butters that melt with the warmth of your skin. Fragranced in an assortment of our most popular scent selections.

To work effectively, and not feel greasy, Shea Delight Solid Lotion Bar should be applied to very damp skin.



For optimal benefit from any skin moisturizer, it should always be applied to slightly damp skin. This goes for every area of the body, from the face to feet.

If application is other than right after bathing, dampen skin, lightly daub off excess water and immediately apply oisturizer.


If your problem is:


BUTTERCREAM LOTION - 4 ounces / $4.50

May be used whole-body.

Goats & Oats - 4 ounces / $4.75

May be used whole-body.

OLIVE OIL LOTION - 4 ounces / $4.75

May be used whole-body.


If your problem is:


BODY GLAZE - 4 ounces / $4.50

Entire body, excluding face.

Available in FUN Fragrance selections!

BODY PARFAIT - 4 ounces / $5.00

Entire body, excluding face.

Avilable seasonally.



Substitute for Lotion:

Hair Conditioner...they are basically made in the same manner!

Substitute for Hair Conditioner:

Place a small dab of lotion in the palm of your hand, add a few drops of water, rub palms together and work into damp hair.

Rinse if you feel it is needed.

Static In Clothing:

Spray Toner or Fragrant Myst on the underside of the affected garment.

Static In Hair:

Spray Fragrant Myst into palm of hand, rub palms together and lightly work irto hair.




With added bee pollen. NOT just for hands!

QUILTER'S HAND REPAIR - 4 ounces / $5.50

Formulated with the fiber artist in mind

FACE & THROAT BUTTER GOLD - 4 ounces / $11.00

All the nature derived bells and whistles of the “Top Shelf” brands, without the chemicals. From Emu or Ostrich Oil, to botanical proteins, amino acids and extracts, Face & Throat Butter Gold is the wonderful solution for keeping delicate facial skin in optimal condition. Refines facial skin for most in just a few day’s applications! This is the one great formula for maturing skin, but not to be overlooked by those with youthful skin! Used as a daily moisturizer; performs well under makeup. Face & Throat Butter Gold is unlike any formulation you will find at the beauty bar, and comes with a satisfaction, money back guarantee!

BALANCING CRÈME - 4 ounces / $5.00

Balancing Crème was formulated to help our customers suffering from Psoriasis, Eczema and Seborrhea gain some control over these conditions. The major players in this formulation are Neem Oil, Shea Butter, Rosehip Seed Oil, Allantoin, and Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein. Balancing Crème has found favor among many, but we still have to encourage medical advice from a professional. Although there is a slight off odor which is caused by the Neem Oil, Balancing Crème is great for encouraging healthy skin cell rejuvenation.

 EYE BUTTER - 2 ounces / $6.00

Developed due to customer request, Eye Butter significantly hydrates, and locks in moisture on delicate skin around eyes, diminishing the appearance of fine lines.

CUTICLE BUTTER - 2 ounces / $6.00

No more hiding your hands!

Our Famous LIP BUTTER - .5 ounces / $3.25

Serious help for problem lips! Made with the most luxurious (and costly!) oils available. This one is about soothing and healing seriously dry cracked lips. Creates a barrier to protect too! No waxy feel!