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What Is Microfiber / What will it do for me?

Microfiber is not new, but breakthrough technology that is finally coming into its own right due to the amazing cleaning power of this fabric!. It is a blend of polyester and polyamide fibers. When brought together, these fibers create a wedge like shape that trap dirt. The ultra-fine density of the fibers leave an incredibly small water footprint on surfaces, eliminating typical streaking when performing tasks such as cleaning glass.

Key factors we have learned through our own use of Microfiber products:

Truly STREAK FREE cleaning.

Our first response was total doubt-like this was just another sales gimmick.

But since our first Microfiber cloth was given to us free, why not give it a try? Well, we turned into cleaning freaks for a few hours! We could not get over the absolute streak and lint free end result produced by the cloth.

When needed at all, far less cleaning solutions / soap is required. Microfiber traps soap in the same manner it traps dirt, and the ultra-fine fibers make more efficient use of cleaning products.

Microfiber can hold many times its weight in water. This characteristic makes it ideal for cleaning up spills, and drying everything from crystal to the car.

The “scrubbing” power created by the shape and size of fibers make cleaning tasks more efficient and faster.

As mentioned above, Microfiber leaves a much smaller moisture footprint, meaning surfaces dry faster.

These are just a few of our own personal findings-now it’s your turn to discover the true miracle of Microfiber!


Although there are many types of Microfiber, the following is the Microfiber Cloth that has our customers knocking our door down for more!




Now available to you from Jamestown SoapWorks!



What Is Microfiber - What will this cloth do for me?


Microfiber is a new, breakthrough technology. It is a blend of polyester and polyamide fibers. When brought together, these fibers create a wedge like shape that is sure to trap any dirt into the fibers.

Some of the best characteristics of Microfiber for cleaning:





You have to try Microfiber for cleaning car windows and Glass Doors!




Simply wipe windows/mirrors and walk away!

Unlike with paper towels where you need to wipe until your arm wants to fall off to make your windows shine,

it only takes seconds to clean windows with Microfiber. You will see gleaming results that you just cannot get with conventional window cleaning methods! Microfiber easily removes smudges and dirt without streaks or lint! (We did find that surfaces that already had lint on them required a couple of cleanings to fully remove the existing lint.)

We reserve a Microfiber for drying our crystal stemware to avoid water spots!



This cloth will absolutely become your right arm for cleaning glass, mirrors, ceramic tile, stainless steel, and other hard surfaces that cleaning usually results in unsightly streaks and water spots.



When you buy Microfiber towels, be sure to wash them in hot water first to plump up the fibers. Wring them out, and they're ready for use. We simply rinse ours out frequently while cleaning. You can get literally hundreds of washes from one cloth. You can wash your Miracle Cloth in the washer, but we are afraid of picking up lint. We just wash ours in the dishpan with a little dish detergent. Make sure to rinse the soap out of your Microfiber well.


There are many lesser quality imposters floating around the Internet, Automotive Supply, Flea Markets, etc. selling for prices as high as $12.00 or more per cloth! Don't be fooled! This is one of the best Microfiber cloths you will find.





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