Jamestown SoapWorks & Boutique

Face & Throat Butter Gold! 

Our Rolls Royce of creams, designed for optimal facial care. Formulated for mature skin but good for most all types.

We took the best of Mother Natures offerings and formulated a face cream you will love.
 From Argan Oil to vegetable proteins & amino acids, Silk Protein, Evening Primrose Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil, MSM, and Olive Squalane, it just does not get any better! Refines facial skin for most in just a few day’s applications! This is the one great formula for maturing skin, but not to be overlooked by those with youthful skin! Used as a daily moisturizer; performs well under makeup.Face & Throat Butter Gold is unlike any formulation you will find at the beauty bar, and comes with a satisfaction, money back guarantee!

We recently found a similar facial cream, made by a cottage industry such as ours, selling for $14.95 for 1 ounce!

4 ounces: $11.00


Eye Butter!

Delicate skin tissue deserves special treatment! Formulated specifically to reduce puffiness and lines, Eye Butter is chock full of nutrients to nourish and replenish delicate skin. Soy Protein increases skins ability to hold moisture, minimizing wrinkles. This is a medium weight cream, used either at bed time, or may sparingly be used under makeup and facial moisturizers. No fragrance or essential oils for use around the sensitive eye area.

2 ounces ~ $6.00

Clarifying Facial Cleansing Foam!

Facial Cleansing Foam is our further effort to efficiently clean skin, but completely reducing the incident of left behind debris to clog pores. Formulated to work very well with our Microfiber Snow Soft Facial Cloth, the foam also may be used with what ever you use to wash your face, including bare hands. The fragrance you will notice comes from pure essential oils that are included for the benefit they bring to skin. This product is great for all skin types, young to mature.

8 fl. ounces ~ $4.50

Hydrating & Clarifying Facial Toning Myst!

Our only Toner  is formulated to hydrate, clarify, sooth and correct facial skin after cleansing, leaving the skin in optimal condition for accepting a moisturizing application. We combined all of the beneficial characteristics of our other toners into this new product - eliminates confusion for you!

The essential oils presented in this formula make it an optimal choice for mature skin-but also great for maintaining younger faces. The Witch Hazel deters break outs of Herpes Simplex Type A (cold sores); please ask to view documentation of studies. The inclusion of MSM - organic sulfur) and Collagen rounds out Facial Toning Myst to perfection, by giving it the ability to encourage healthy cell formation, and maintaining elasticity.  MSM increases blood supply and reduces inflammation. Applying MSM to external areas of the body concentrates MSM levels in the tissues and muscles. MSM is vital to the formation of keratin, collagen, elastin, and disulphide bonds (tie-bars) which give flexibility, permeability and optimal health to skin. Facial Toning Myst is a daily use, leave-on product, applied immediately after cleansing face, and before moisturizing. Skin that typically presents on the normal to dry range will probably need a moisturizer after using Facial Toning Myst.

5 fl. ounces ~ $7.00


Our Famous Lip Butter!

Serious help for problem lips! Made with the most luxurious oils available. This one is about soothing and healing seriously dry cracked lips. Creates a barrier to protect too, and is priced so that you can carry one in every coat pocket!

 One of our all time best selling products! It is safe for kids, and men love the way it protects without the “waxy” feel on the lips.

Tip: Apply Lip Butter to the skin area around lips at bedtime to help deter fine lines.

.5 ounce ~ $3.25