Jamestown SoapWorks & Boutique

A Special Note About Moisturizers:

To obtain optimum benefit from any moisturizer, regardless of where on the body it is being applied, skin should be slightly damp. Right after bathing is a good time to perform this task.

Body Butter      Body Butter is a good choice for seriously dry skin anywhere on the body. Body Butter is thick, but not to be confused with greasy. All of our moisturizers have been formulated to be well absorbed into slightly damp skin. Body Butter is available in our more popular fragrances, and unscented.

4 ounces ~ $4.50

ButterCream Lotion  

ButterCream Lotion is our most popular moisturizer, and does the job nicely for most dry skin issues. It is much thicker than lotions typically found on the market; this is achieved by the use of rich creamy butters such as Shea, Mango and Cocoa Butters (also found in Body Butter). ButterCream Lotion is packaged in a malibu tube which sits upside down, keeping the product always ready to easily dispense. ButterCream Lotion comes in every fragrance selection we stock, including those designed for men, and unscented.

4 ounces ~ $4.50

Hand & Foot Butter  

Hand & Foot Butter is one of our best selling products! The reason - it works very well! HOWEVER, for any moisturizer to be really effective on feet that are seriously calloused, the callous must be removed. Our tip is to gently sand away the callous with fine grit sand paper on bone dry feet! Once the callous is under control, using Hand & Foot Butter will keep feet soft and subtle. Say goodbye to those painful heel cracks in the winter! Hand & Foot Butter is part of our Happy Feet Collection, and always stocked in Peppermint. We also usually have it on hand in a few of our more popular fragrances.

4 ounces ~ $4.50

The Slick Goat Body Glaze   

As the name suggests, goat milk is a wonderful nutrient for skin! A perfect moisturizer for warm weather months since it leaves a slightly cooling sensation as it is absorbed by the skin. Available in our most popular fragrance selections.

4 ounces ~ $4.50

Body Parfait  

Body Parfait creates a marriage between our Creamy Body Yogurt and a sparkling skin moisturizing gel. Layered in a clear 8 oz. jar, Parfaits are as beautiful to look at as they are yummy on the skin! Body Parfait makes a unique gift for the hard to buy for person. Available in our most popular fragrance selections.

4 ounces ~ $5.00

Shea Delite Solid Lotion Bar

Lotion in Solid form! Great for purse or gym bag. Best applied to slightly damp skin. Great oils, including our Virgin Coconut, Olive Oil, Shea & Mango Butters! Try it on elbows, knees and feet. The Coconut Cream fragrance smells good enough to eat, but please don’t! Usually also stocked in Fresh Cotton Blossoms and Black Raspberry Dreams. Butter Stix Lotion comes in a roll-up container similar to deodorant.

1.0 ounces ~ $4.49

Gardener's Serious Hand Butter   

Gardener’s Serious Hand Butter beats the odds of needing to hide your hands in your pockets after working in the garden! With Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Soy Protein, Bee Pollen and Glycerin, your hands will wave Thank You! 

4 ounces ~ $5.00


Quilter's Hand Repair

Developed for fiber artists, Quilter's Hand Repair imparts moisture, without leaving a slippery residue on skin's surface. An added benefit is the MSM, which addresses stiffness and hand cramping!

4 ounces ~ $5.00