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Happy Feet 2017!





Please call 724-932-3679 to make your reservation for the 2017 Happy Feet season.

Hostesses: Remember to over-book your party; guests often cancel at the last minute!



Dear Friends of Happy Feet,


All Happy Feet parties may be scheduled on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, during the months of June, July, and August, AND September.


Your arrival time is 1:00PM. To avoid past confusion, there is only one party each day. Our expectation is that you be prompt; we need to keep parties within business hours, and that means that we need to be closing the shop promptly at 4:00 PM. You can expect your party to last about two hours, however you are not limited or bound by that time frame.


Each hostess (person communicating with us to plan your party) needs to call us the day before your scheduled party, between 10:00 AM & 4:00 PM, to confirm your party, and give us a head count. If we do not hear from you, we will need to assume you are not coming. You may leave us your message after business hours if necessary. 724-932-3679


RAIN:  We are covered, so rain is not an issue, however, we will not entertain anyone outdoors during lightening; we will wait for it to pass.


Attendance requirements are: no less than 8, and no more than 22. Please over-invite your guests!



We provide a substantial lunch. If you, or members of your group would like to bring a dessert, please feel free to do so. Alcoholic beverages are permitted at Happy Feet parties; please drink responsibly. We provide all table service; if your Happy Feet Party is a special event, and you would like special plates, cups or decorations, please feel free to bring them.


Other “Good To Know” stuff:

*Due to energy costs, there is a $2.00 per person charge. Please understand, this charge is for increased energy costs, not for the food we offer during Happy Feet parties.


*The service we provide via Happy Feet parties is not s “pedicure” or a spa treatment. We are not qualified to touch or otherwise manipulate your feet! We provide our products for you to use on your own feet at no charge. The hidden agenda of Happy Feet is your group putting away life’s cares and concerns for a couple of hours, and enjoying the fellowship of one another. Happy Feet is not about us talking about our business or products! It is about your group, together for a relaxing good time.


*Each guest needs to bring a dishpan, or other watertight container in which to soak their feet, and an old bath towel.


*Dress: Guests should wear casual clothes; Happy Feet involves water!


*Guidelines for ability to participate is (from a sitting position) being able to comfortably bend at the waist and touch your feet on the floor, or bring a foot up and rest it on the opposite leg.


*If you have recently had surgery on feet or lower leg, or have any infection issues, please check with your doctor first. There is little that occurs at Happy Feet that could cause cross contamination to others.


*We regret that we cannot accommodate restricted diets, or food dislikes. The food we offer is a gratuity.






Jamestown SoapWorks ~ 724-932-3679


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